On the lake Four

Cloudscape2smallDonner Lake CA, 2014

On the lake three


Donner lake CA,  2014

On the lake two


Donner Lake CA, 2014

Just before the fog burned off to a bright sunny day at the lake.

On the lake


Donner Lake CA, 2014

A rare rainy morning at Donner lake.

Wire Hanger



New York City 2014

We were walking across the Brooklyn Bridge looking for a new point of view to shoot the bridge so I started looking for anything odd that we did not notice the last time.

His attitude and hygiene were deplorable I made my escape on the bridge. I jumped off and up,  I made it, the view is great and air is fresh.

Three for Ten


New York City 2010

Just one of the sights in Chinatown.  No odd caption this time.



New York City 2014

The shops in Chinatown are always fun for a quick bit of shopping. Tired of hanging out with these guys I’m out of here.

City Frogs


New York City 2014

Once again two good friends, my bother I made our pilgrimage to Feast of San Genarro in Little Italy to eat, have a good time  and take photos. I managed to excel in the first to categories and rally just forgot to take as many photos as I normally take. I think I will use this as an excuse to head up to NYC again in the near future. Yes a frog in the city may be able to eat at the best restaurants and see a great show on the cheep from TKTS TKTS the ponds are just not the same as home.

Glass and Sky


WDC, 2014

Walking around with Friends and we found a few good things to photograph.



WDC, 2014

Hello, I have been gone a while, work and life have gotten very busy but all is well. Here is what I hope will be the restart of me posting photos more regularly.