Five: Untitled


Virginia, 2012

One of the lessons that I learned from last year’s One Photo a Week Project is that good photos are lurking all around us all the time.

Friday night I was making paper lanterns for my daughter’s birthday party and just stacking them as they were finished when I realized that they might make a good still life. The first shot was horrid just using ambient light. I still thought there was a shot to be had so I went and got a strobe and made a snoot with aluminum foil, so I could shoot a shaft of light down each lantern.  The camera was set at 10 sec @f8 and took about 7 flashes at 1/64 to paint in the image.  The post was a a bit complicated but if any one is interested let me know and I’ll post it.



2 thoughts on “Five: Untitled

  1. I like this — it works really well. The balance of the dark at the top and the shadow shapes at the bottom that echo the lantern shapes is great, as is the color. At first, I was overwhelmed by pattern, but when I really started looking at this photo, I saw that there is a pleasing method to the madness due to placement of color.

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